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Yes, you too can now earn up to N2000 or more daily with Recad Media using only your active Facebook account, sounds easy right? Yes I know…To join Recad Media as a publisher and benefit in our revenue sharing program, kindly go through the requirements below and how it works.

  1. A valid and very active Facebook account i.e at least 6months old (newly opened Facebook accounts are not allowed and using them for registration would be going against our Terms & Conditions, which could result in immediate termination of your account.
  2. Oh sorry, there is no no 2., only one requirement…


Please read carefully and understand before joining Recad Media. You can also contact our customer support if you need any clarification or have any query.

  • Create An Account With Us: Please kindly note that we have imposed a compulsory payment of N3000 only to both existing and new users, this is in a bid to reduce the rate at which users open multiple accounts and also this fee would grant you exclusive access to premium marketing tools and paid seminar, and also business/product listings for free only for 1month.
  • Make sure to logon to your account everyday to share whichever post seen on your account dashboard to your social media account i.e. Facebook. We pay ₦400 per post shared
  • Although referral isn’t compulsory, and you absolutely don’t need it to earn on Recad Media, but it is a great and faster way of earning more, we pay ₦1000 per referral
  • We have a 5 days refund policy starting from the day of registration should incase a user decides to opt out of the platform, in which the N3000 registration fee would be refunded back. Kindly note that you are only eligible for a refund if you have made no use of Recad Media’s tools i.e sharing of posts on your facebook, marketing tools present of dashboard.
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  1. Earnbetaonline

    I believe as a Nigerian that we can put to good use our large population and diversity and Recad Media Ad agency is really putting this to great use and also offering rewards in return. Thank you for giving the youths a fighting chance to earn clean money. GOD bless

  2. This is indeed first of kind in my experience as a social media addict and the requirements are affordable. Looking forward to a good, reliable and regrettable working relationships.

  3. Seko

    This is indeed first of its kind in my experience as a social media addict & the requirements are affordable. Looking forward to a good, reliable and unregrettable working relationships.

  4. Cekynar

    Hello , I referred a new member but my referer bonus was denied, d person registered tru my link oo but I didn’t receive any referer bonus

  5. Adeolu

    In whatever we do in life, either making doing one business or the other, let’s Christ be in us and be our priority as we invest and make money.
    God bless you all…

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